NIFTY Analysis for 26 July 2019 – Next Expiry Month

  • It was an almost flat closing for NIFTY today with a closure at around 11250 level.
  • But there was all action with market trapping both buyers and sellers to extent. The high was 11361 and low was 11239.
  • For next expiry, tomorrow and monday are going to be crucial.
  • We need to see FII action for both days and then decide if the bearish trend continues or there are chances of reversal.
  • Interestingly, FII only sold 126.65 crore worth in cash and DII bought 398.53 crore.
  • On Index future, FII figure was -1262.69 crore while on Index option it was -1775.75 crore.
  • In stock option, it was -186.68 crore whereas for stock options it was 28.93 crore.
  • Overall, the selling mode from FII continued but the figures were down drastically.
  • Stay cautious atleast for tomorrow. Within a day, the trend would clear.
  • We feel that there are some hidden concerns in market apart from bad results and taxation for big.
  • Bad governance is causing some worries.
  • Nifty had a decent rollover depicting the trend.
  • Watchout for Reliance, Bajaj Finance, Axis Bank, HDFC and HDFC Bank.

We will continue to analyse market in our pre-market analysis session.


Ankit Maheshwari

Ankit is an avid writer with experience of working Investment Banking domain for over 7 years. He has been tracking Indian markets for over 10 years now for educational and learning purpose.

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